Compliance Controls AFR-1R: Air Fuel Ratio Controller

Rich Burn Air-Fuel Ratio Control System

compliance.AFR-1Compliance Controls' AFR-1R is the simplest, rich-burn air-fuel controller available. Striking the right air-fuel ratio to support your catalytic converter shouldn’t be that hard. It’s not if you choose the right equipment. The AFR-1R air/fuel ratio controller is exactly the right choice. It’s pure simplicity at every step, from installation to operation.

How Simple Is It?
This controller features a non-intrusive installation. The AFR-1R operates on an auxiliary fuel line, which can be easily isolated for maintenance, analysis or troubleshooting. There is a single set-point, meaning no fine-tuning or tweaking is needed. Streamlined navigation guarantees single-button access to the main functions. It doesn’t get any simpler or any smarter.


• Simplest air-fuel controller on the market
• Easy on-screen interface for convenient setup and operation
• One set-point target
• Operator help key on the four (4) line by twenty (20) character display
• Designed for low horsepower, gas fueled, carbureted rich-burn industrial engines
• Separate alarm and shutdown dry-contact relays for flexibility in setup and operation
• Pre and Post catalyst thermocouple input for catalyst over temperature protection
• Pre and Post catalyst differential temperature displayed
• Heated exhaust gas oxygen sensors for optimum AFR control
• 24VDC standard with optional 12VDC configuration
• CD ignition input for engine speed operating reference with optional magnetic pickup input
• NEMA 12 enclosure


• Ongoing compliance
• Fast and easy installation
• Minimal operator training required
• Comprehensive fault diagnostics
• Fully automatic — no operator required in normal operation
• Improved engine and emissions control performance
• On-screen help for set-up and navigation
• Excellent fuel economy


• AFR-1R Sales Bulletin (pdf)

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