Compliance Controls AFR-64L: Lean-Burn Air Fuel Ratio Controller

Lean Burn Air-Fuel Ratio Control System for Natural Gas Engines

compliance.AFR64LCompliance Controls’ AFR-64L air-fuel ratio controller provides state-of-the-art, automated control for your lean-burn natural gas engine in one simple, easy-to-use product.

With automatic operation, no operator intervention is needed. The AFR-64L controller automatically tracks multiple factors, including engine load, tailpipe emissions and more, then precisely adjusts the mix to maximize fuel efficiency, minimize engine emissions, improve engine performance and reduce maintenance costs.

Regarding emissions compliance, the controller optimizes the lean-burn air-fuel mix to maintain targeted emissions levels over varying engine loads, speeds, fuel quality and ambient conditions. It pinpoints performance problems as soon as they occur. The AFR-64L controller’s advanced troubleshooting and diagnostics cover 76 critical operating parameters, allowing the operator to cut the costs of maintenance, labor, downtime and replacement parts. Take control over your engine needs: engine diagnostics, emissions control, fully automatic operation. The AFR-64L does it all for you.


• Easy to install and use
• Easy on-screen interface for convenient setup and operation
• Data plotting provides troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities
• Ongoing emissions compliance
• Fits virtually any lean-burn, spark-ignited, carbureted natural gas industrial engine
• Windows®-based platform compatible with most PC's, laptops and networks
• Easy to learn, four (4) line by twenty (20) character display
• Separate alarm and shutdown dry contact relays
• Variable set-point for exhaust oxygen control delivers real-time response to varying engine loads and transients, making it perfect for generator-sets and other high-variance applications
• Open loop/feed forward control combined with closed loop exhaust gas oxygen sensor feedback and super fast acting fuel control valve:
      - Allows for rapid response to engine load changes
      - Vital for generator-sets and other applications with severe engine load variations
      - Helps maintain compliance even in the event of an oxygen sensor failure
• Drives up to two control banks for operation on "V" type engine configurations
• Fast acting Full Authority Fuel Control Valve controls all fuel delivered to the engine
• RS-485/Modbus communications support for high-speed data transmission


• Emissions compliance maintained over varying engine speeds/loads and ambient temperatures
• Reduced fuel consumption, leading to better fuel economy
• Reduced lube oil nitration
• Improved engine performance minimizes air-fuel mix-related misfires and detonations
• Longer, more trouble-free equipment life
• Troubleshooting aids and diagnostics
• Records up to eight (8) historic faults at a time, eliminating guesswork
• Helps prevent costly equipment damage and failures
• Fully automatic. No operator is required in normal operation
• Flexible network compatibility with high-speed data transfer
• Software, upgrades and documentation available on disk or online


• AFR-64L Sales Bulletin (pdf)

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