Compliance Controls AFR-9R: Air Fuel Ratio Controller

Rich Burn Air-Fuel Ratio Control System for Natural Gas Engines

compliance.AFR9Compliance Controls’ AFR-9R air-fuel ratio controller is exactly the right choice. It is pure simplicity at every step, from installation to operation.

The AFR-9R controller is a true load-following controller. It offers nine setpoint targets that can be specifically matched to engine conditions, based on a combination of three RPM settings and three manifold pressure settings. As your engines load conditions change, your AFR-9R continues to make sure it is in the best possible operating range.

Compliance Controls AFR-9R air-fuel ratio controller offers the same simplicity as the AFR-1R model. Non-intrusive installation. Streamlined menu-driven navigation. But with more setpoints, you get even tighter control. It also includes manifold pressure and RPM sensing technology.

If your site is facing tightening regulations, changes in ambient temperature, big load swings or gas quality and gas pressure changes, the AFR-9R is the right choice. It’s simple air-fuel ratio control with more flexibility.


• Simplest multipoint air-fuel controller on the market
• Easy on-screen interface for convenient setup and operation
• Nine air-fuel setpoints matched to specific engine load conditions
• Operator help key on the four (4) line by twenty (20) character display
• Designed for wide range horsepower, gas fueled, carbureted rich-burn industrial engines
• Separate alarm and shutdown dry-contact relays for flexibility in setup and operation
• Heated exhaust gas oxygen sensors for optimum AFR control
• 24VDC, 4.8 amp. (application specific), optional 12VDC
• Magnetic pickup or CD ignition input for engine speed operating reference


• Designed for applications with wide engine load swings
• Ongoing compliance in high-variable environments
• Fast and easy installation
• Minimal operator training required
• Comprehensive fault diagnostics
• Fully automatic — no operator required in normal operation
• Nine set points — better resolution and better control of load swings
• Excellent fuel economy


• AFR-9R Sales Bulletin (pdf)

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