EmeraChem Catalyst Housings and Silencers

EmeraChem designs and builds elements of all shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of your specific application. Their elements replace many competitive models and fit perfectly into existing catalytic housings.

Over the years, as market share increased, EmeraChem realized the need for a truly integrated solution which would guarantee performance in both Oxidation and NSCR applications. That solution was the introduction of "Best in Class" Catalytic Reactor Housings and Silencers, featuring the industry's most functional and rugged designs.

EmeraChem's housings and silencers are field service friendly for all sizes, makes and models of stationary engines. Simply tell us the size and shape you need. If necessary, we'll come to your engine to take measurements. Based upon the location and emission levels of your engine, we'll determine the size and shape of the housing needed to meet air quality requirements.

EmeraChem's housings and silencers feature:

• Superior heavy-wall construction: carbon or stainless steel
• Individually mounted elements
• Unique gasket design
• Superior edge-mounted seal eliminates by-pass during thermal cycles
• External, single point element mounting design
• Installs in many positions and configurations (180° horizontal, vertical, end or side entry and exit)
• Available for critical and hospital grade sound attenuation

New Replacement Housings: Better than the Competition

EmeraChem recently introduced three new replacement housing designs. Each design has several sizing options, so be sure to download each of the drawing booklets on the literature page.

The GRx is the EmeraChem version of a GT style housing. It uses the standard GT size element with the superior EmeraChem catalyst sealing mechanism. A 2 & 4 panel design is available. The GRx uses a flat adhesive backed gasket applied to the catalyst. The GRx is offered in both Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

The PRx is the EmeraChem version of the Powerhouse catalyst housing. It is offered in the same sizes as the Powerhouse but with the superior EmeraChem catalyst sealing mechanism. The PRx has silencing but is sub-critical grade and has no noise attenuation guarantee. The PRx uses the standard EmeraChem housing gasket and is offered only in Carbon Steel.

EmeraChem recently introduced the long-awaited replacement for the 12" & 14.5" Johnson Matthey Bandito product line. EmeraChem's new BRx offering is head and shoulders above the competition in terms of flexibility. Whereas the JM Bandito was built as a "throw away" model, EmeraChem's BRx retains the option for catalyst replacement. This is the most cost-effective, long-term solution for your compliance needs. The EmeraChem solution is now available for immediate orders. We can also evaluate design options for smaller sizes, down to 8" diameter catalyst. The BRx uses the standard EmeraChem gasket and is offered in both Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

EmeraChem drawings are available for download on the literature page. They explain model numbers, weight and dimensions in detail. Contact your RJ Mann & Associates, Inc. sales team with questions related to your specific application.

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