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You may have taken a moment to look through our web site, perhaps noticing the major product manufacturers that we represent on an exclusive level in our territory. However, there are some additional companies whose products are complementary to our major lines and to our core business. We also have a variety of service and installation programs to instill confidence that your engines are performing correctly and efficiently.


RJ Mann & Associates, Inc. Line Card

RJ Mann & Associates, Inc. is the factory authorized distributor for Ajax, Compliance Controls, EmeraChem, FW Murphy, Gates, Murphy Power Ignition, Stitt, TDI and Testo on an exclusive basis in our geographical territory. These product lines serve your engine control and compliance needs.

We also represent a long list of companies on a non-exclusive basis. We can sell you products from Altronic, Kenco, Fisher, Dresser Rand, Wasp, and Power Engineering, amongst others. We have lubricators, mufflers, compressor components, seals, filters and tools. Download this line card to review our family of fine products.


RJ Mann & Associates, Inc. Service Card

Our team of Service Technicians share unparalleled industry experience with FW Murphy panel installation and modification, and system troubleshooting. This includes ignition systems, air-fuel ratio controllers and emissions monitoring.

Multiple RJ Mann & Associates, Inc. service shops repair and remanufacture starters, magnetos, pumps and valves from a variety of dealers, including TDI, Ingersol-Rand, Kimray, Altronic and Waukesha. We repair and clean catalytic converter elements, coolers and breathers. Download our service card to see what we can do for you.

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