Murphy Power Ignition 601 Series CD Ignition

mpi.601CD.280The 601 Series CD Ignition System is a self-powered capacitor discharge ignition system which can be installed on any large flywheel, spark-ignited engine. With electronics engine-mounted in close proximity to the flywheel, the unit is powered by magnetic charging circuitry. A high energy magnet, attached to the flywheel passes by a permanently mounted generator coil facing the flywheel. Each time the magnet passes by the face of the generator coil, a capacitor is charged to peak voltage.

A trigger magnet is also mounted on the flywheel and faces off to a trigger coil, located on the engine. The trigger coil is positioned so that the magnet will pass the trigger coil and cause the SCR to discharge the storage capacitor into the ignition transformer located near the spark plug. Long, maintenance free service is assured because there are no moving parts to wear out. All electronic parts are encapsulated to protect against moisture and physical damage.


• High-output, self-powered electromagnetic system
• Reliable capacitor discharge system
• Control circuitry is sealed module
• 30,000 volt output at low rpm
• Crankshaft-referenced timing
• One cylinder applications
• Dual trigger timing
• Two year warranty


• Inexpensive, proven design
• No moving parts to wear out
• More timing accuracy with flywheel mounting
• Compatible with most large flywheel spark-ignited engines


• Sales Bulletin (pdf)
• Installation Instructions (pdf)

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