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The Murphy Power Ignition product line includes processor-based, capacitor-discharge ignition systems for spark ignited natural gas powered engines. The comprehensive product line allows turn-key ignition system installations.

Available MPI components include microprocessor based ignition control systems, capacitor discharge ignition systems, magnetic pickups, hall effect sensors, output harnesses, ignition coils, brushless alternators, detonation sensing interface systems and magneto replacement cores.

mpi.ignition.80Ignition Control Systems
MPI Control Systems utilize the latest microprocessor based designs to provide improved programming and diagnostics for today's industrial gas engines. Operators of MPI controllers have more information to be used locally or remotely, giving them "full authority" to fine tune their operations for enhanced efficiency. Learn more.


601 Series CD Ignition System
A self-powered capacitor discharge ignition system which can be installed on any large flywheel, spark-ignited engine. With electronics engine-mounted in close proximity to the flywheel, the unit is powered by magnetic charging circuitry. MPI offers this inexpensive, proven design with no moving parts to wear out. Learn more.


Detonation Sensing Interface
The MPI Detonation Sensing Interface System utilizes a pair of highly sensitive accelerometers to detect detonation. In the event of detonation the DSI signals the MPI Control System, via 4/20 mA control signal, which immediately retards the timing thus eliminating the potentially harmful effects of continuous detonation. Learn more.

mpi.brushless.alternator.80Brushless Alternators
MPI Control Systems are optimized with power supplies utilizing MPI high-quality brushless alternators. Designed for long-lasting durability with no moving electrical components. Ideal for all industrial applications, certified for hazardous duty locations and field proven. Learn more.


Ignition Coils
MPI coils are designed for true secondary diagnostics and prognostics. Included are MPI SmartCoilâ„¢ designs. All coils have patented secondary monitoring lead to perform in-depth diagnostics/prognostics. MPI coils are rated from 150 to 250 volts and are compatible with CD ignition systems for industrial engines. Learn more.

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