Murphy Power Ignition Control Systems

mpi.ignition.control.280Murphy Power Ignition Control Systems utilize the latest microprocessor based designs to provide improved programming and diagnostics for today's industrial gas engines. Operators of MPI controllers have more information to be used locally or remotely, giving them "full authority" to fine tune their operations for enhanced efficiency.

MPI-16/8 Ignition System
The MPI-16/8 ignition system is a micro-processor based, capacitive discharge ignition system. The system can be used in a wide variety of sensor arrangements. The system also utilizes MPI coils that incorporate a patented sense lead feature that allows the system to measure spark plug voltage (KV). The voltage can be used to determine end of plug life, compression stroke, auto energy control, and coil/wiring/plug diagnostics. The system features crankshaft referenced timing within 0.25 degrees with as few as 30 events (pulses) from the crankshaft. The system is smart enough to track the flywheel rotation in between triggers while maintaining 0.25 degrees of accuracy. The unit is 100% field programmable from the display/keypad unit. No chips to program and install. No PC is required.

The system provides a wide array of diagnostic features both off-line and during engine operation. On-line diagnostics include measurements of the input voltage, verification of the tooth (or hole) count, overspeed protection, many more useful parameters to give the user a fast and comprehensive look at what the system is doing.

MPI-32 Ignition System
The MPI-32 is a high-output capacitive-discharge, crankshaft referenced, ignition system and is intended to be used on engines that employ two coils per cylinder. The system uses two MPI-16 boards (Controller A and Controller B) that are integrated into a single system. The MPI-32 has a higher primary voltage output (300V) than the MPI-16/8 products. This higher energy requirement addresses the higher demand for ignition power in large bore cylinders. Additionally, the hardware and firmware integration of these boards makes it different than simply having two separate MPI-16’s.

There are two separate connectors for two primary harnesses; each is complete with its own sense lead and U lead. There is no need for switching the sense lead between sets of coils since each set has a dedicated sense lead. The system inputs are internally paralleled so that there is no need for duplicate sensors. The controller and the panel programs have been integrated to provide automatic parallel operation of several key parameters. For example, the tank voltage, timing adjust, auto delay, auto/man modes, 1/Rev position parameters are accessed on controller A and are automatically used by controller B without operator intervention.


• 16-bit and 32-bit microprocessor controllers
• Five Timing Reference Options including Camless Operation
• Remote PLC engine management system or cellular communication
• Field-programmable from front panels
• Run-time diagnostics and prognostics
• Two field-adjustable timing schedules
• 4-line window display (local or remote)
• True Primary and Secondary Diagnostics
• Highly accurate and stable timing (±0.25°)
• Two analog inputs for remote timing control


• Increased spark life
• Equalizes cylinder output
• Less RPM variations
• Reduces unscheduled downtime
• User friendly: no chips to change or remove
• No PC or handheld programmer required
• Easier operation


• Sales Bulletin (pdf)
• MPI-16/8 Installation Manual (pdf)
• MPI-32 Installation Manual (pdf)

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