FW Murphy Engine and Motor Controls

Control is peace of mind. Murphy has created a family of products designed around engine and motor control. Products that are rugged and reliable - products that you can trust. Auto start/stops with first-out shutdown for engine functions, motor and throttle controllers, and a full line of DC solenoids and rack pullers. Some controllers can be programmed to run your engines to meet your specific application. FW Murphy builds other models that are not shown here. Please contact RJ Mann & Associates, Inc. inside sales to see which models are currently available.


ASM150: Automatic Engine Controller

murphy.asm150The ASM150 is a user friendly, solid-state, automatic engine controller. It provides basic automatic start/stop capabilities plus other features found on more sophisticated and expensive controllers.

The ASM150 operates from 12 or 24 volt battery. It includes features such as selectable crank and rest cycles, sensing circuit for crank disconnect and overspeed, overcrank, and recrank protection on false starts. Four LEDs indicate first-out shutdown for: low pressure, high temperature, overcrank and overspeed. A fifth LED indicates engine running. Advanced, rugged, reliable microprocessor circuitry gives the ASM150 high reliability and flexibility.

The ASM150 is compact and housed in a corrosion-resistant case. It mounts flush in a panel and requires very little room. Solid-state construction make it ideal for small generator or engine panels, and it is compatible with most new or existing Murphy Swichgage® monitoring systems.


• Compact design
• Optically isolated noise resistant inputs
• Re-cranks engine on false starts
• Adjustable lockout time delay during startup
• Two (2) element adjustable speed switch
• Outputs for cranking and fuel valve
• Outputs for fault annunciation
• Lamp test terminal


• Sales Bulletin (pdf)
• Installation Instructions (pdf)

ASM170: Auto Start Module

murphy.ASM170The ASM170 is a compact yet powerful engine auto-start module. It offers flexibility and features normally found in much larger and more expensive units. Its high density MOLEX plug makes it ideal for panel builders. It can also be easily replaced in the field if problems should arise.

With the on-board manual-off- automatic switch, panel wiring is greatly simplified. Its unique design also allows it to draw virtually no current in standby mode, yet the module is able to auto-start based on a sustained or momentary contact closure. It also has a multifunction output that can be selected to perform one of the following functions: Glowplug, warmup/cooldown, warmup, cooldown, choke, air damper shutoff.

The ASM170 is typically used in generator applications but can be applied anywhere a basic auto-start operation is required. Basic functions include engine crank/rest, crank disconnect, overspeed, low oil pressure, high engine temperature, low levels and spare shutdowns. The start signal to the controller can be momentary or sustained.


• Ideal for all basic auto-start/stop
• Programmable multifunction output
• Extended operating temperature range
• Excellent low voltage performance
• Compact size retrofits existing ASM150 installations
• Built-in manual-off-auto toggle switch
• Smart FET outputs


• Sales Bulletin (pdf)
• Installation Instructions (pdf)

Cascade: Auto-Start / Stop Controller

murphy.cascadeThe Cascade controller offers automatic start and stop control with easy configuration for a broad number of applications. This auto-start controller is designed to fit any engine-driven application requiring a simple and robust automatic start and stop sequence. Pumps, Compressors, Grinders, Power Units and Generators are just few of the industrial applications for the controller.

The Cascade controller is fully compatible with all major engine types. Whether you are running mechanical or J1939 engines, the controller will work with your application.

Here are some of the unique features of the Cascade that only Murphy can offer at our competitive price:

Durability: Encapsulated to protect it against dirt, water and dust, along with a compression gasket to fully seal it to the panel. Cascade is rated NEMA4 and IP65.

Low Battery Blackouts: Operates in total blackout for a minimum of two seconds.

Compatibility: Accept MPU, AC Frequency and ECU speed signals and can operate with standard and J1939 engines.

Inputs and Outputs: The Cascade Inputs and Outputs are ruggedly protected and fault tolerant.

J1939 Ready: Works directly with Murphy’s J1939-ready PowerView™ gages. Just plug and go, no sender is required.


• Sales Bulletin (pdf)
• Installation/Operation Manual (pdf)
• Configuration Tool Installation/Operation Manual (pdf)

eGuard Controller

The eGuard is a state-of-the-art controller. It will meet virtually all of your engine-driven equipment application requirements. The eGuard has been designed from the ground up to control today’s electronic engines using J1939 and can easily control the traditional non-electronic engines.

The eGuard can be configured to automatically or manually operate most types of applications, from a simple start/stop sequence to complex automatic throttling. Pumps, Compressors, Chippers, Grinders and Power Units are just a few of the ideal industrial applications for the eGuard. The eGuard controller can maintain constant pressure, flow or level by automatically increasing or decreasing engine speed.

Standard components include: (24) digital inputs, (8) analog inputs, (1) magnetic pickup input, (8) 20A form “C” relays, (1) RS232 port, (1) RS485 port, (1) RS232/RS485 port, (1) J1939 port, (1) 64 x 128 pixels full graphic LCD display with backlight, (1) 12-position keypad.


Throttling Input: Controls engine speed using most types of analog input devices (0-5v, 1-5v or 4-20 mA).

Throttling Output: CANbus J1939 or increment/decrement relay pulse (when supported by the ECU manufacturer).

Compatibility: Accepts Magnetic Pick-up (MPU) or ECU J1939 speed signals.

Field Configurable: Allows password protected configuration changes through the keypad.

Field Programmable: Flash-based microprocessor allows for easy upgrades or reconfigurations using a PC or laptop.

Sealing: Maintains NEMA4 and IP65 rating when properly mounted in a rated enclosure.

J1939 Ready: Works directly with Murphy’s J1939-ready PowerView™ gages. Just plug and go, no sender required.

Automatic Speed Control: Throttles engine speed based on analog inputs.

Engine Diagnostics: Provides most common descriptive faults when connected to electronic engines.

Optional Accessories: PVA Series gages, remote relay board, and mimic annunciator.


• Sales Bulletin (pdf)
• Installation Manual (pdf)
• Supplement: Magnetic Pickup Installation Instructions (pdf)

EMS447 and EMS448: Electronic Monitoring Systems / Controllers

murphy.EMS447The EMS447 and EMS448 Electronic Monitoring Systems are micro-processor based controllers for monitoring and control of equipment functions. The basic EMS system is programmed for a typical industrial engine power unit. Custom programming is available to adapt the EMS to a wide variety of engine and equipment requirements.

Basic programs provide auto-start/manual start and first-out shutdown for engine functions such as pressure, temperature, level and overspeed. Necessary time delays for start up lockout are included. Operating data is displayed on a 32 character back lit alphanumeric liquid crystal display. The EMS operating parameters are configured through a simple three-button interface. Access to the system memory is controlled by entry codes. A password-protected program uses built-in memory to display the alarm/shutdown history, including a display of the last ten shutdowns, when and why they occurred and displays all of the engine operating conditions at time of last shutdown.

The EMS447 has an extruded aluminum enclosure suitable for panel mounting. The EMS448 has a NEMA 4X type enclosure. Wiring is via optional wiring harness. Relay boards are available for additional relay contact capability. Wiring connected directly to the relay board terminal block located within the enclosure.

Basic Program Features
An on-board hourmeter keeps a log of equipment running hours and alerts you when to change oil, filters and perform other routine service. Ramp Oil Pressure monitoring protects equipment at both high rated speed and low idle speed. For instance, based on engine manufacturer’s requirement, shutdown could occur at 30 lb. (207 kPa) pressure at 1800 RPM or at 5 lb. (34 kPa) at 600 RPM or any shutdown point in between.


Industrial engines, generators, construction equipment, compressors, trucks, and pumps.


• Sales Bulletin (pdf)
• Installation Instructions: Standard program (pdf)
• Installation Instructions: Generic program (pdf)
• Troubleshooting Guide: All Versions (pdf)
• Instruction Supplement: EMS447 (pdf)

EMS Pro: Engine Monitoring System Controller

murphy.EMSproThe EMS Pro is a flexible all-in-one customizable unit that meets the needs of engine-driven pumping equipment applications. The EMS Pro is a dedicated microprocessor-based, single engine controller. It offers field-adjustable operating parameters that can be changed without the need for a computer. It is also able to support both mechanical and J1939 electronic engines.

The EMS Pro has selectable auto start/stop features with several throttling options. The auto start/stop options (Single Contact, Floats, Momentary, Transducer and Clock) are available at the touch of a button. In addition, there are many performance-enhancing features, all of which are available through an operator interface that is easy to learn and use. The EMS Pro is ideal for use with a remote modem or in a SCADA system offering Modbus RTU protocol on either the RS232 or RS485 port.

The EMS Pro has the ability to withstand a wide ambient temperature range and comes standard in a NEMA 4 rated enclosure secured by four rubber shock mounts. Inside is a backlit graphical display visible day or night and under all kinds of conditions.


The EMS Pro has RS485, RS232 and J1939 CAN communication ports. The standard unit uses the RS485 to drive external PVA gauges or Modbus RTU. At the same time, the CAN port allows J1939 communication with the engine ECU to display engine parameters and control the throttle via TSC1, if supported by the engine.


• Supports mechanical and J1939 electronic engines
• Automatic start/stop
• Backlit graphical display
• Service reminders
• Shutdown history file
• First-out shutdowns and/or alarm indicating LEDs
• Field adjustable parameters
• Supports TSC1 throttle messaging
• Wide operating temperature range
• IP66 rated
• Internet ready utilizing Modbus® RTU with auxiliary equipment
• Real time clock in 24 hour format
• NEMA 4 enclosure with optional clear door


• Sales Bulletin (pdf)
• Installation and Operations Manual (pdf)
• EMS Pro Brochure (pdf)

EMS Pro "Lite": Compact, Flexible Industrial Pump Controller

murphy.EMSpro.liteIf you've been looking for an industrial pump controller tailored for specialized applications, the EMS Pro Lite controller was designed for you. Best yet, this inexpensive controller is Tier 4 and Stage IIIB/IV ready.

With dewatering and irrigations applications in mind, this controller features a compact enclosure and focused feature set, including pressure, level and float start/stop types. It has the ideal balance of functionality and control needed to perform specific application functions.

The user-friendly interface features eight touch buttons, and a backlit graphical display visible in all types of conditions. The interface is mounted directly to the front of the NEMA 4 enclosure for easy access and operation.

Possibly the best feature of the EMS Pro Series is our "value added" ability to customize the on-board program to fit your specific application. Give your RJ Mann sales team a call to discuss exactly what you need to control. Chances are good that we can meet your needs. We also offer custom harnesses and other engine accessories.


• Perfect for Dewatering and Irrigation Applications
• Pressure, Level and Float Start/Stop Types
• Backlit Graphical Display and
• Alarm Indicating LEDs
• Tier 4 and Stage IIIB/IV ready
• Wide Operating Temperature Range
• Supports Mechanical and Electronic Engines


• Sales Bulletin (pdf)

Keystart 9620 Series: Engine and Generator Controls

murphy.keystartKeystart 9620 series control modules provide manual start/stop and automatic fault protection for generators, pumps and other engine-driven applications. Operator control is by a 3 position keyswitch, with the key removable only in the Stop/Reset (O) position. Outputs are provided for the control of engine fuel (energized to run), starter motor and preheat. The Keystart also has an alarm output for remote/audible warning of faults.

Indication of engine status and faults is by six LEDs and pictograms. Four switch inputs (closing to negative on fault) provide for automatic shutdown on engine low oil pressure, high coolant temperature and auxiliary faults. Model 9621 has a fully adjustable engine overspeed shutdown feature, configurable for either generator AC or magnetic pickup speed signals. Charge alternator excitation and a charge fail warning LED are fitted as standard.

Electrical connection is by quick-connect, spring-clamp terminal blocks. A universal 7 to 30VDC power supply allows operation with 12 or 24VDC engine batteries, with engine crank-dip voltage protection fitted as standard. Keystarts are front-of-panel mounted through a standard square cut-out, and secured at the rear with quick-fit clips. Epoxy-resin case encapsulation gives superior vibration/ shock resistance and environmental protection.


• Operator controlled start/stop
• Automatic fault shutdown
• Keyswitch operation
• Timed preheat output
• Overspeed shutdown, magnetic pickup or generator AC driven


• Sales Bulletin (pdf)
• Installation/Operation Instructions (pdf)

Model AT03069: Murphymatic® Engine Throttle Controller

murphy.AT03069The AT03069 is a completely reliable heavy duty device developed specifically to automatically control engine speed to meet system demand. Low current, high torque, solid state switching and electronic clutch make it ideal for all automatic and semiautomatic engine systems.

Used with the appropriate Murphy Swichgage®, near constant pressure, level and load can be maintained. Check with our engineers for help with other applications where speed control can improve your system.


• City water systems
• Water-flood injection
• Sprinkler lateral changes
• Make-up if a “Gang Pump” stops
• Multiple hose-reel irrigation systems

• Water or oil storage tanks
• Water-flood tanks
• Sewer disposal systems
• Flood control catch basins

• Multi-engine cooling systems
• Air conditioned chilled water systems

Engine load:
• Empty or fill reservoirs with a lower horsepower engine—fast when head is high—slow when head is low


• Automatically adjusts engine speed to meet demands of pressure, level, load and temperature
• Speed changes made slowly and smoothly
• Saves fuel, engine wear, horsepower and labor
• Perfect for warm-up and cool-down on automated systems
• One model for both 12 and 24 VDC systems


• Sales Bulletin (pdf)
• Installation Instructions (pdf)
• Instruction Supplement (pdf)

RP Series: Push / Pull DC Solenoids for Diesel Engines

murphy.RPseriesMurphy's RP Series Push/Pull DC Solenoids provide single unit versatility for engine applications, such as shutdown. A choice of two models and two voltages are available. All models come complete with return spring and rubber seal boot.

Models RP2307B (12VDC) and RP2308B (24VDC) give a full one inch (25 mm) stroke at 11 pounds (49 N) and hold up to 23 pounds (102 N) at full voltage, continuous duty. They will operate at any stroke less than maximum; refer to the chart shown on page 2 of installation instructions.

Models RP2309B (12VDC) and RP2310B (24VDC) can pull 14 pounds (62 N) with a one-and-a-half inch (38 mm) stroke. They hold up to 34 pounds (151 N) at full voltage, continuous duty. See the chart on page 2 for holding force at any stroke less than maximum.

Optional Equipment: SD85 Solenoid Drive Time Delay
Using the SD85 ensures the energize coil is only powered for 1-2 seconds with each operation. If the plunger does not seat in that time, it is highly unlikely it will seat. The hold coil is energized as long as the signal to the SD85 is active. This insures long life of the RP solenoid.


• One solenoid for Pull/Push operation
• No internal switches
• Reduce coil burnout
• Boost reliability
• Reduce adjustments
• High force–small size
• Can be used with most engines start systems
• SD85 Solenoid Drive Time Delay available to greatly reduce possibility of coil burnout and facilitate low RP2307B & RP2308B current piloted operation.


• Sales Bulletin/Installation Instructions (pdf)

Model RP75: Rack Puller for Diesel Engines

murphy.RP75The RP75 rack puller is a semi-automatic device that provides a pulling force to initiate shutdown of diesel engines and equipment.

The RP75 connects to the injection pump or air intake shut-off lever via a cable (chain optional). A coil spring, within the RP75, is reset manually and is held in place by an electromagnet. When the Swichgage® detects a malfunction, the electromagnetic circuit is interrupted through a Magnetic Switch. This circuit interruption releases the coil spring, which pulls the cable/chain to actuate shutdown. The spring, when fully compressed, exerts a pull of 30 lbf (133 N).

The RP75 is available for 12 or 24 VDC applications and is compatible with all Swichgage® instruments.


• Pulls injection pump or air intake shut-off lever
• 30 lbf (133 N) operating force
• Models available for 12 or 24 volt systems
• Operates on signal from Swichgage® installed on the engine or driven equipment


• Sales Bulletin/Installation Instructions (pdf)

TR Series: Murphymatic® Transformer Relay Assemblies

murphy.TRseriesThe Murphy TR Series, Transformer Relay Assemblies are electric motor controllers. Models are available for emergency shutdown, start and stop only, start and stop with emergency shutdown, and combinations of the above models with time delay. All TR Series internal control circuits are completely prewired and relays are plug-in type to facilitate field servicing.

A rugged NEMA 1 enclosure is standard on all TR Series models. In addition, a NEMA 3 weatherproof enclosure, and “LC” Less Case versions are optional. Murphy Swichgage® instruments for pressure, temperature, level etc., can be used with the TR’s for semi-automatic or totally unattended operation and control of your electric motor powered equipment.

A set of normally open, dry relay contacts controlled by a 24 VAC relay coil, controls the magnetic motor starter holding coil up to 480 volts. The high voltage contacts are completely isolated from the low voltage control to help reduce electrical hazards.

The TR Series transformer relay assemblies are ideal for controlling a variety of electric motor driven applications. They are recommended for use on salt water disposal systems, water-flood systems, and many others. A Model TR-1762 used in conjunction with a model OPLHC Tank Level Controller, and an OPLC Series discharge pressure can completely automate a salt water disposal pump. Model TR1760 is primarily used with electric motors or driven equipment which is started and stopped from a remote, normally open Swichgage® instrument. Model TR7207 is typically used for emergency shutdown of electric motors or driven equipment which are manually started. Refer to the sales bulletin for information on all six models.


• Heavy-duty transformer with multiple primary taps for easy connection to most any available AC power sources.
• 24 VAC low Voltage secondary control circuit with terminals for remote auxiliary switches.
• Plug-in relays have three SPDT silver cadmium oxide contacts providing long life reliability.
• Power relay has extra heavy silver cadmium oxide contacts rated 10 amp, 480 VAC.
• When TR is used with a Murphy Analog Swichgage®, it allows for visual reading of operating conditions, and provides an adjustable differential between high and low settings throughout the Swichgage® dial range.


• Sales Bulletin/Installation Instructions (pdf)

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