Stitt Ignition Accessories

Safety-Shielded Secondary Leads

  • Used with 2.125" Termination Well Depth Spark Plugs
     and shielded coils.
  • USL@ Safety-Shielded Secondary Leads
  • USL Leads for Conventional Spark Plugs
  • ESL2 Safety-Shielded Secondary Leads
  • RSL2 Safety-Shielded Secondary Leads

Wire Accessories
  • RSL2 Series Resistors
  • Inductive Pickup Spacer
  • Ignition Cable
  • RFI Suppressing Ignition Cable
  • Silicon Hose

Secondary Kits and Boots
  • Shielded Coil Kits for Unshielded Secondaries
  • Shielded Secondary Kits and Parts
  • Teflon Boots, Rubber Boots, Silicon Boots
  • Caterpillar Boots
  • ST22XL Silicon Boot with Rajah Style Terminal
  • ST33XL Silicon Boot with Rajah Style Terminal
  • Modular Silicon Extensions

Extension Rods and Terminals
  • Teflon Covered Extension Rods
  • Terminals for Unshielded Secondaries

Grommets, Adaptors, Gaskets, and Brackets
  • Rubber Grommets
  • Caterpillar Grommets
  • Folded Steel Gaskets
  • Stainless Steel Adapter Nuts
  • Remote Mount Coil Brackets

  • FI-1 Firing Indicator
  • Magnetic Spark Plug Sockets
  • Spark Plug Port Clean-Out Brush System
  • Ignition Coil Tower Brushes
  • Full Bottom Taps
  • Extended Length Full Bottom Taps
  • Go - No Go Gauges
  • Extended Length Go - No Go Gauges
  • Beam Style Torque Wrench





To find the ignition accessories that you need, download this brochure:
• Ignition Accessories (pdf)

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