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tdi.turbo.logoOver the course of 50 years, Tech Development (TDI) has honed its precision machining craft by creating some of the world’s most sophisticated turbine air simulators for the aerospace industry. Their mastery of reliable and durable turbine blade machinery earned the company a reputation that garnered a significant amount of custom project work in the growing turbine-related industries. TDI soon became an international leader in turbine technology. Their ability to design and manufacture sophisticated rotating devices created a ripe environment for the development of new products.

When TDI design engineers applied themselves to developing an air starter for reciprocating and gas turbine engines, the TurboStart line quickly became a highly successful market brand. Then the company expanded its line to include TurboTwin turbine air starters for the oil and gas, marine, and mining industries. TDI's use of turbine technology, with its unique twin turbine-powered air starters, changed the way people defined performance.

Today, TDI is recognized worldwide by every OEM and significant system packager as the leader for highly reliable starting of large industrial, diesel, natural gas reciprocating, and industrial gas turbine engines. The same spirit that has designed some of the most advanced turbine systems for the aerospace industry continues to drive the development of the most reliable and efficient air starters on the market.

tdi.startersThe TurboTwin™ Air Starter series is engineered to take on the dirtiest, most demanding places on earth. They thrive in environments where the air supply is contaminated with water, pipe scale, rust and H2S. Places where long cranking styles are normal and engine starting system maintenance is an afterthought. TurboTwin's set the industry standard for reliability, safety and ease of installation.

No pneumatic motor driven oil pump is more reliable than the TurboTwin T30-M. Cold starts and dry starts take a heavy toll on engine and equipment bearings. Anywhere you have equipment, oil can be quickly circulated everywhere it is needed. What could be better than a powerful air motor that runs clean, cool and for a very long time, letting your lube system protect your equipment?


TurboValve is a versatile, pilot-operated starting air or control relay valve used for the installation of TurboTwin air starters. TurboValve Plus is a completely integrated relay valve with solenoid that dramatically streamlines the installation process of TurboTwin air starters. Each model is a ready-to-go component that improves the reliability of your start system.

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