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Testo is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of portable instrumentation. Backed by nearly 50 years of measuring engineering experience, Testo's mission is to provide the best quality, service and value in the industry. In addition, Testo is also recognized as the leading worldwide manufacturer of portable combustion efficiency analyzers and air emission analyzers. Ask the sales team at RJ Mann & Associates, Inc. to show you the latest instrumentation . . . there's always something new from Testo. We'll be happy to show you how we take technology and make it work for you.

Emissions Monitoring & Combustion Analysis

testo.analyzer.familyThe Testo family of emission monitors and combustion analyzers – the world's most advanced – provide compliance level accuracy, extreme testing flexibility, and the highest performance. It's no wonder why Testo is chosen by more professionals for emission testing and process monitoring. Simply put, for every combustion application, it's the only choice for testing engines, diesels, turbines, boilers and furnaces. Testo analyzers come standard with three and four year sensor warranties for lower cost of ownership and pre-calibrated cells that can be replaced in the field with minimal routine maintenance. Contractor kits are available for easy ordering and greater value.

Testo's flagship portable emission analyzer is the new 350, which has filled a void in the emission market during a critical time in the US energy crisis: the increasing decentralization of energy generation. New legislation requires most energy generation facilities to regularly report emission measurement, effectively propelling the demand for compliance measuring analyzers. Testo was able to supply just the right product at just the right time. The pioneering technology of the Testo 350 succeeded in making immense steps toward further development of the market including testing of stationary engines, turbines, and power plants.

Thermal Imagers for Professional Thermographers

testo.thermal.familyTesto thermal imagers offer exceptional features and versatile tools for identifying energy losses and equipment hot spots before potential problems create unplanned machinery outages, resulting in costly production downtime.

These imagers can be used for regular electrical switchgear surveys, to find overheating bearings in rotating equipment, to verify steam trap operation, to control level in sealed fluid tanks, and to check heat exchangers for blocked passages. They can be used in most any application where heat flow is an indicator of proper operation of systems or equipment.

Testo's thermal imagers are easy to operate and can detect even minute temperature differences in target objects. They have an ergonomic design and light weight that is ideal for extended use. They have a field replaceable Li-Ion battery which provides 5 hours of operation on a single charge. An integrated digital camera and the "IRSoft image processing" software makes analysis and report generation a breeze. Optional telephoto and protective lenses are features offered only by Testo in this class and price range.

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